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Whale Watching

Sun is out and the sky is blue, weather is looking great for the start of the week,right up until Thursday/Friday ( 29th/30th) when we might have a bit of a change coming through. All our Whale Watching cruise are operating at the moment 🙂 The Whales are passing by fairly close in to shore and in large numbers so sightings have been great. They have been very active with lots of Tail Slapping, Breaching and Tail Lobs.  In general numbers are increasing as the annual migration North gets into full swing. The seal count on Cabbage Tree Island is also increasing with 11 spotted so far.

We have Whale Watching cruises departing several times per day, 7 days a week. Cruises range from a 1.5 hour Whale Watch Express Cruise to a more leisurely 2.5 – 3 hour cruise on board either Moonshadow Explorer or SV Imagine. So why not come and experience the first whale sightings of the season. For more information on our Whale Watch Cruises either with 
 or Imagine  or Envison

Dolphin Watching

Dolphin Watching cruises are still available throughout the whale watching season with Moonshadow  Cruises.

Photography Cruise – Sat 8th of July

This cruise is specifically designed for the keen photographer; it offers a unique experience and great photo opportunities. Whether you are into landscape, wildlife, or simply nature photography this cruise will explore intimate, out of the way locations only accessible by boat. Read more here


Unfortunately parasailing is unavailable until further notice. We will update this page as soon as they are back up and running.

Boat Hire

During the winter months things can be very quiet around the bay, so please call beforehand to find out about availability and to make a booking. For more information about Boat Hire

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